About Us
About Us

EFIX ELECTRICAL Ltd. is a company registered in December 2013. Initial activities were just before the down of the calendar year. The first orders were to perform the Christmas lighting in some hotel facilities such as Aleksandar Palace, restaurants: Furna, Bella Vista etc. Because of the knowledge that in Macedonia overall lighting is outdated technology, we have decided to develop our activities in that direction.


Established communication and cooperation with one of the most successful companies in the world from China involved in manufacturing LED technology. Their brand DICKEN LIGHTING is known on every continent in the world, so after a few orders of their products - we became very well recognized on the Macedonian market. With pride we announce that we are among the first companies in the Balkans that could bring the latest in network technology of LED tube lamps with 360 degrees field of lighting in a glass casing. They are more than successful replacement for fluorescent tube lighting in many buildings in Macedonia. View our reference list.


Efficiency of these LED lamps compared to the previous fluorescent technology is 70-90 percent of saving energy, so it is not difficult to answer on the question why it is called the lighting of the future. We were assured that the companies expressed trust on us to perform replacement of the previous old fluorescent technology. We can suggest and offer to our business friends various forms and power of lamps with different contacts such as GU10, G5.3, E27, G24, G13, and big range of the various panels, tube lights, tunnel, down, bulb/spot, flood, kitchen, highbay, track lights and street lighting with different colors and shades of lighting radiation. Along with the illuminating fixtures made by EKESIS and OPTICS from Turkey we will complete the program of most refined tastes of our respected customers.

About Us

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